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Home » Internet » Rss » How to Increase Internet Traffic - Is all Traffic Good Traffic?

Edward Johanson
Article written by Edward Johanson

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How to Increase Internet Traffic - Is all Traffic Good Traffic?

Submitted by Edward Johanson
Thu, 6 Sep 2012

You've slaved away night and day with your website. You've researched keywords, paid for advertising, and tried to get the word out. You know that traffic will cost you some money in the beginning, but it is supposed to bring you sales in the end. However, even after learning how to increase internet traffic, have you ever wondered it all traffic is good traffic?

So what's the answer? Surprisingly, the answer is usually no.

How to Increase Internet Traffic - So What Is Good Traffic?

Good traffic consists of the visitors who click around and investigate your site and all its content. The good traffic and interested visitors will generally come from search engines if the visitor has typed in keywords that relate to your site.

The traffic will also come from e-newsletters or word-of-mouth. Consider this traffic visitors who are genuinely interested in the content or subject of your site. They will eventually purchase from your site or subscribe to whatever it is you are offering.

Their word-of-mouth will attract other visitors to your site, looking for the same information.

All this clicking can add up, however. Depending on how much you are paying for pay-per-click services, some visitors could be costing you money. What do you do about the user who visits regularly but does not act on anything? Is this considered bad traffic? In a way, yes. You hope that your newsletters and advertisements bring you the best traffic possible.

How to Increase Internet Traffic - When Should You Be Leery of Your Website Traffic?

Believe it or not, there are websites out there who pay people to just click around on sites.

These clickers are not interested in what you are offering, but are merely third party to a company who has promised you more site traffic. This not only costs you money to use the program, but also costs you money with all of their pointless clicking.

The clicker never acts on or signs up for anything. This is considered bad traffic and it is traffic that you should strive to keep off of your site.

How to Increase Internet Traffic - What You Should Look Out For.

Don't sign up for services that offer to increase your site traffic if they are not willing to advertise your site on a related website or search engine. Be wary of services that promise some huge monumental increase in a short period of time.

Chances are, behind these promises are dozens of paid clickers at home on their computers, aimlessly clicking while watching a movie or television show.

While it is hard to believe that any traffic to your site could be considered viral or unwanted, scammers will do anything to get your money. If you pay for traffic services, make sure you research before signing that bottom line. So be careful about learning how to increase internet traffic that don't help in the long run.


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